This is the little Mixtape we made for you guys! We have selected carefully from our all time favorite, friends, bands we shared the stage with in the past or simply good times, all timers! We hope you enjoy, we’re looking forward to come on the 16th!

Always Then by The KVB

Played with those guys in Paris and they are swell people and have a lovely crowd among the 8MM bar people in Berlin. Now, they moved to Manchester now, we love ‘em!

Gallowdance by Lebanon Hanover

Nearby our hometown Frankfurt we were supporting them at the very start. I think it was our first real gig with the full live band and it was blasting. I told the singer of Lebanon that it was fun and we should do it again, sometime. Her reply wasn’t really nice, ha ha! I think we overdrew some time and we were pretty loud that night too. Still a shame, I think, ha ha.”

Downtown by Majical Cloudz

One of our all time favourites! Shame they broke up! This is one of the reasons we make music. Please reunite, Majical Cloudz!

Loaded by Primal Scream

U.K. Banger. No words neeed!

Breathe the Fire by The Soft Moon

This is the track & album that keeps us awake through the long hours of driving. This is the first gig we’re flying to, but we travelled long distances through Europe. So, if you got a long ride ahead of you, this is the track!

I Might Be Wrong by Radiohead

This is actually the reason we make music. Inspiration no.1. And that’s (if we could decide) our favourite album by Radiohead!

The Seed by The Roots

This track makes you smile immediately. That’s why it’s here!

A New Error by Moderat & Goodbye by Aparat

Biggest role model in the German music industry, Sascha Ring and his Moderat x Aparat! He came by our studio for a few beers. We spoke about creating stuff, writer’s block and sober months. I don’t think we actually spoke about music, but that wasn’t really important. We listened to a lot, though. Super nice guy!

Untold by RY X

He’s a mentor and a friend and there’s a glowing aura wherever he is. A ladies man, too. Having a big decision ahead of us, we always call him up and we recommend going to his festival, the Sacred Ground, where we had the honour to get invited to play this year. Beautiful man!

White Gloves by Khruangbin

Brighton, Coalition, The Great Escape. Julien and I were still playing just the two of us. A lot of technical issues. The venue was a cave basement or something and it dripped from the ceiling onto my controllers and computer. Not so nice. but we had a good time. Khruangbin played after us.

Hey Moon by John Maus feat. Molly Nilsson

Absolute performance genius. Saw him at Funkhaus recently and he talks to himself 30 minutes before gigs. He was alone on stage. No band needed. His brother Joseph passed away on tour this year. His show was so intense, as if it was all in remembrance of him. G-E-N-I-U-S

Deep Pockets by Gaz Combes

Ride your car to a party at your friend’s house and turn it up.

A Miracle America by Blackmail

Sophie Morello, a Parisian DJ, who booked us for her party in Paris, showed us this track. No one knows it, but everyone should. If I could travel back in time or reincarnate, I wanna be the singer of this track or at least catch him once wherever he is.

Hungry Heart by Yak

When we started in London, they came up as the new rock outfit from London. Loved them since. Great guys, sang karaoke with them in Berlin next to the Michelberger Hotel, after their show.

The Things That Dreams Are Made Of by The Human League

Every wannabe DJ should know and play this at the start of his set. Makes you look like a pro, I think, ha ha.

Windowlicker by Aphex Twin

Going to see him play tonight at Funkhaus Berlin. First Berlin performance after 15 years. We’ve all counted our blessings, but I am always careful with high expectations!

This Society by Florian Kupfer

Friend from back in the day in Frankfurt. He’s a sick techno DJ now and signed to L.I.E.S. Records – also listen to this track Feelin. I remember he always complained that all the local shitty DJs take away bookings he should get. He then traveled out into the world and outdid everyone else. Well done, Flo!

Love, Lea Porcelain


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