SUUNS este o trupă de post rock/electronic/shoegaze canadian formată în anul 2009, de către chitaristul Ben Shemie, bassistul Joe Yarmush, toboșarul Liam O’Neill și bassistul/pianistul Max Henry.

Chitaristul și basistul trupei SUUNS, Joe Yarmush, ne-a răspuns câtorva întrebări înaintea concertului pe care canadienii urmează să îl susțină pe data de 30 noiembrie în Control club!




Hello guys! Can you please tell us what projects are you currently working on ?

Joe Yarmush: A new collaboration with Jerusalem In My Heart, another Montreal artist. We made a record together and we’ve been working on that getting it ready for a release which will be next march. Four shows before the Bucharest show are with him.

What your second album ‘Images Du Futur’ speaks about?

Joe Yarmush: It’s an experiment with sound. Creating modern music with vintage sounds. It’s not a grand statement, yet it was what was speaking to us when we made it. It was also our second record so we were optimistic about our future. When you make records all you think about is the future.

You’ve played an impressive number of festival in the last three years. Do you see yourselves as a‘festival band’?

Joe Yarmush: No.


Can you share with the readers any uncommon experience that you had during a festival gig?

Joe Yarmush: We lit our guitar on fire and played the American National anthem. Wait, that was Jimi Hendrix. We played a slot before Portishead one time. They were amazing. It gives us inspiration to see bands who have been massive inspiration to thousands of musicians still killing it on huge stages.

Your song ”2020” has been elected as soundtrack for the new UK trailer of the movie Only God Forgives. Making your music to sound so cinematic is something that you’ve planned from the beginning, or it just happens to be this way?

Joe Yarmush: These things just happen. It’s luck that the director or whoever hears a song that fits with their vision. It’s not something you can plan for. Too many variables involved.

What music do you listen to, in your spare time?

Joe Yarmush: Rock, reggae, rap, metal, jazz, country, blues, electronic music, experimental noise music.

Do you have any heroes?

Joe Yarmush: Batman.

Can you please let us know the song / songs you would like to hear at your own funeral?

Joe Yarmush: Bohemian Rhapsody.

What do you know so far about places like Romania? (no google please 🙂

Joe Yarmush: Not much. Everyone says it’s incredible. So, that’s what I know. It’s incredible!

Thank you for the time! What can we expect from your show here in Bucharest, at Control club?

Joe Yarmush: We are mixing our set up with songs from Zeroes QC, Images du Futur and brand new ones. We are going to play a heavy, vibe, electronic set. It’ll be amazing!


*author: Dragoș Rusu /

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